Label Printing – Not Using Bartender

Andrew ClementsEpicor Developement

It’s fair to say that any company that uses serial numbers is going to want to print then onto a label at some point – ok they are some high fliers out there with laser etchings.

So for those who just want to print their labels to a standard zebra or data max printer, here is one option – write a customisation that sends the native printer language as a file to the printer.

I have done this, in the past and linked it to the operation where units are packed and put into stores.

Here’s what I did

  1. Create a BAQ with all the info required on a label (e.g. job number, serial number)
  2. Return the data from a BAQ as a dataset
  3. Create a file to hold the printer code using the ‘FileStream’ type
  4. Write the native printer code to the file using the FileStream.Write function
  5. Once the print file has been completed send the file to printer using the System.IO.File.Copy command

For performance reasons write all your label definitions to a single file and then only copy one file to the printer.

This works well for standard and inverted labels and certainly seems a lot easier (and cheaper) than bartender.