Cobra Consulting have developed a number of dashboards that can be accessed securely from both inside and outside the organisation.

The dashboards have been designed around three fundamental concepts.

A manufacturing company needs to ensure:

  • purchased components arrive on time to allow jobs to be built as per the MRP schedule
  • jobs need to be completed on time in orders to meet the sales order demand
  • orders need to be fulfilled on time to ensure customer satisfaction

The dashboards have been developed to enable companies to monitor these three areas  by identifying issues visually, rather than having to trawl through lines of tabular data.

Where appropriate the dashboards allows the user to drill down to transaction level to further explain the issues highlighted in the charts.

Currently, we are able to provide the following dashboards

    • MBX - Buyer Workbench
      • ensure on time delivery of components allowing production to run without interruption.
    • MBX - Order Fulfilment
      • Ensure orders go out on time
      • Identify in advance any potential stock shortages
    • MBX  - Production Floor
      • See all operations currently on the production floor
      • Monitor time taken against estimate
      • Monitor jobs started against schedule
      • This can used on the production floor to allow staff to see what is currently been worked on
      • Production Staff Utilisation - ensure shop floor staff are logged onto jobs

Key Features of the dashboards are:

      • Quick and Easy to Use
      • Drill down to transaction level, once potential issues have been identified
      • Powered by Epicor BAQ's
      • Uses Javascript and Open Source Google Charts API
      • Hosted On Premise

Technical Requirements

      • Requires version 10.1.6 or higher
      • Rest API needs to be enabled
      • BAQ's imported into Epicor

The following button takes you to a demo of the MBX - Buyer Workbench dashboard.

This dashboard presents your purchasing department with all the information required to ensure that orders are coming in on time and there is is no disruption to the production plan.

Try Buyers Workbench!

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