Mailshot a Epicor BAQ Report to Dynamic Email Address

adminEpicor Developement

I recently had a requirement to mailshot a price list out to customers. In order to do this I developed a BAQ report for the actual price list with CustID as a parameter. I then created a standard data directive on the UD12 table with a custom code widget that executed the code below. I then created a mailing list … Read More

OK/ Cancel – Yes/ No Dialog Box in a BPM

Andrew ClementsEpicor Developement

Recently I was asked to create a method directive on the jobEntry.Update method that needed to ask the user whether they wanted to send an email to a party. This is pretty straightforward in a customization, using the MessageBox.Show built, however, due to BPM’s running on the server,  System.Windows.Forms cannot be referenced and MessageBox cannot be used in BPM custom … Read More

Filtering an Ultragrid

Andrew ClementsEpicor Coding, Epicor Developement

Hi, I got asked the other day about filtering transactions from the ‘Get Request’ screen, so that only ‘STK-MTL’ transaction types are displayed. You can do this by creating an ‘InitializeRow’ event handler. The code snippet below explains how to do it Alternatively, if you actually want to delete the row from the dataset

Automate the Fulfilment Workbench

Andrew ClementsEpicor Developement

The fulfilment workbench module in the AMM module of Epicor 10 is potentially a very powerful tool to ensure stock is allocated to orders in the correct order. Recently I was asked to automate this, as the manual approach of running the fulfilment process was too ad hoc and relied on key individuals remembering to do it. The solution was … Read More

Lock PO Release Qty and Date

Andrew ClementsEpicor Developement

MRP was generating a lot of expedite and postpone PO suggestions, which are just not feasible in some supply chains (e.g Bring a part with a lead time of 30 days forward so that it has a lead time of 3 – nice idea, just not realistic). If MRP generates the change suggestions, it also assumes the changes will be … Read More